Fredericton Area Coloring Book & Recycling Activity


91 pages

This colouring book is only available as a digital download


Colour your FAVOURITE spots in the historic city of Fredericton, NB, CANADA. Exploring Fredericton’s historic streets through a rainbow of colours can be a magical experience! From the iconic Officers’ Square to the vibrant Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton has a variety of spots to COLOR. Start off with the architectural wonder that is Officers’ Square, the city’s oldest and most historic district, where you can capture the traditional red brick of the historical buildings, the deep green of the Elm Trees, and the bright blues of the sky in a single stroke of your brush. Then, head over to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, where the walls are covered with classic and contemporary artworks. Here, you can colour in the lively shapes and shades of the sculptures, paintings and installations. If you’re looking for a more serene experience, take a stroll or bike ride on the beautiful trails by the Saint John River, Fleuve Saint-Jean, Wolastoqany River and take in the gorgeous scenery of the capital city lights reflecting off the river. Capture the cool blues, warm oranges, pinks and vibrant purples of the night sky in your artwork. Whatever your favourite spots in this beautiful city, colouring them can be an unforgettable experience! Join millions of people of all ages worldwide who are discovering the simple relaxation, and joy of colouring!