ABC Coloring Book


57 pages

This colouring book is only available as a digital download


ABC Colouring Book for Kids

The ABC Colouring Book, Buzzing Through the Alphabet about animals is a fun and educational way for young children to learn the alphabet while exploring the animal kingdom. Each page features a different letter of the alphabet, along with an animal whose name starts with that letter. Children can colour in the animal while also learning to recognize and identify the letter. Original pieces of art were created from clean, washed, recycled material representing each animal featured in the ABC Coloring book. There’s a fun and delightful recycling activity included in the book accessible through a QR code.

Single Sided Pages
All images are placed on their own page so no worries about colour bleed-through.

Favourite Supplies You Can Use
Coloured pencils, markers, paint pens, crayons. Choose any colours you enjoy using.