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I’m so excited for you to get your hands on my 15 FREE Mini Art Bookmarks!


As promised, here’s the link so you can start enjoying them right now!


Don’t waste a minute—go grab the FREE goods right now while they’re fresh in your mind 🙂  You’ll love these affirmation reminders that’ll help you keep your day on track!


Inside the 15 FREE Mini Art Bookmarks package, you’ll find several recommendations for usage. For instance … use as a bookmark for your current read, decorate your bulletin board, punch a hole in the top, thread a ribbon, and use as a gift tag, place a small magnet on the back and voila—fresh fridge art. Or why not write a letter and drop in a bookmark as a surprise. Everyone loves getting mail, especially if there’s an unexpected gift inside!


If you like the 15 FREE Mini Art Bookmarks—all original pieces of art btw—you’ll probably love to get your hands on one of my 14-Month Calendars, Journals, or Pocket Planners. It’s always exciting having a new place to “write it down.” If you’re impatient like me and want to check out more, here’s the link you need!
I’d love to connect with you even more and to hear about all the creative ways you’re enjoying the Bookmarks. Shoot me a hello on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, or text me and let me know what’s up!

See you on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and please enjoy the 15 Affirmation Bookmarks. It’s great to be inspired!


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P.S. I’m so glad we’ve connected and I’m super excited to help you explore your creativity. Stay tuned for my upcoming Digital Art Course! More details soon!