2024 Poppy Power Calendar

The Poppy Power calendar is a unique and inspiring way to stay organized throughout the year. Featuring stunning images of vibrant poppies in full bloom, this calendar celebrates the beauty and resilience of nature.

2024 Dreamy Sunflower Calendar

A sunflower calendar for 2024 would be a perfect addition to any home or office. Each month features a stunning photograph of a sunflower, showcasing their vibrant colors and unique shapes. You not only get a calendar but each month is a print in itself. Why not start your day the sunflower way! 

Sunflower Dreams Adult Colouring Book

Sunflower Dreams is a fun, relaxing adult colouring book, making it a great way to unwind and express your creativity. This book features beautiful illustrations of sunflowers, allowing you to escape into a world of tranquility. Colouring has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, making this book a perfect addition to your self-care routine. So grab your favourite colouring tools and let your imagination run wild with this delightful book.

Fredericton Area Coloring Book & Recycling Activity

Color your FAVOURITE spots in the historic city of Fredericton, NB, CANADA. Exploring Fredericton’s historic streets through a rainbow of colours can be a magical experience! From the iconic Officers’ Square to the vibrant Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton has a variety of spots to COLO

ABC Colouring Book 

Our ABC Coloring Book is a fantastic collection of animals including a recycling activity that caters to all levels of Coloring and the deep desire to express your creativity and responsibility to the environment. The ABC animals are created from original designs made from clean washed recycled material.

Notes to Self: 100-Page Daily Mental Health Affirmation Journal for Women to Write Down Goals and Positive Thoughts

Notes To Self Journal is designed with specific mental health affirmation prompts on each page promoting self-care and positive thoughts which influences our wellbeing. It contains a year-at-a-glance 2023 calendar, affirmations list sample, FREE original art print invitation, a “Dear Self” note sample, self-care checklist, extra blank pages to doodle, scribble, sketch, color, lined pages to enter your personal thoughts and an “I Am” prompt list.

Official Birds of Canada

Canada is home to a great variety of birds that are featured on the official provincial birds list. These birds can be seen in various forms of art that captures their beauty and majesty. Original art of provincial birds of Canada include paintings and drawings that depict their vivid colors, distinct features, and unique behaviors. These artworks were all created by local Canadian artist Sheila McPhee who uses their talent and imagination to bring these birds to life. Whether it’s a realistic representation of the bird or a more abstract interpretation, Official Birds of Canada is truly captivating.

Sheila McPhee Art Backgrounds: For Paper Crafting, Decoupage, Scrapbooking Collages, Card Making, Sentiments, and More! 

These Sheila McPhee original art papers 8.5”x11” are perfect for scrapbooking, junk journals, recycled art, collage art, art journals, card making, stamping, decoupage, origami, other paper crafts, paper beads, invitations, backgrounds, home decor, craft projects, and more!