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Gallery Opaque was founded in late 2007 by eco-artist Sheila McPhee and photographer/painter Joshua Slade. Through our practices as a gallery and through the work we produce, we are strongly committed to making a positive ecological impact. Likewise, we strive to encourage others to rethink their environments and the objects they encounter and use in daily life, as well as the spaces they occupy and move through.

McPhee’s eco-art is the perfect example of our mandate—more important than paint are the ‘waste’ materials that she draws into her process. Electronic components, coffee grinds, flooring tile, pop cans, broken glass, plastic, hearing aid batteries; the list is endless. These items, of course, are normally relegated to the garbage; through her artistic vision, they are redeemed/re-energized.

Slade, in turn, has a penchant for overlooked, abandoned spaces, striving to permanently capture their gravity and silence. Both are deeply committed to their endeavors; they cannot help but be empowered by the others’ energy. This Mother & Son team is proof of this passion.