About Sheila

Sheila McPhee currently resides in eastern Canada where she works full-time as a hairdresser. Her passions include biking, walking in nature, painting, and writing. She has one sone — her number one accomplishment — who is a paramedic. Sheils’s favorite quote to date is “live it up”, which came from one of her 92-year-old clients!


Taking things deemed useless and destined for the land fill design something beautiful & creative with an ecological message.

The Naked Wine & Morphine Dance

The Naked Wine & Morphine Dance chronicles the tempestuous life of Iris, a hairdresser by trade. Her beginnings are the utmost simplicity. Once grown, she becomes a self-sustaining, mature, sensual woman, though she is hounded by apparently charming men who are, in fact, two-faced destroyers. Even with Jaxson, er saviour the greatest love, Iris’s happily-ever after is not so easily obtained.

At its core, The Naked Wine & Morphine Dance is the story of the voilence, eroticism, and tenacity of human existence.

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